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We are a Mumbai based Aquarium shop, specializing in Marine Aquarium and Planted Fresh water Aquariums in Mumbai

Joy's Fishy World aims at encouraging people to develop the hobby of Fish Keeping. We aim not at high profits, but at popularizing this hobby of aquarium keeping. Watching these exotic colorful fish swimming in a bright glass aquarium in your living room can make you forget all your stress and strain of day to day life. People have a wrong notion that it takes a lot of time everyday to maintain an aquarium at home. This is not true. All you need is just 10 - 15 mins in a day to keep your aquarium and the fish healthy and beautiful. In Mumbai, many of the shop keepers, do not have enough knowledge about aquarium keeping, resulting in common public losing interest in this hobby soon after they start it. This is the main reason I created this website, to help hobbyist by sharing what I know about fish keeping.

For people or whom time is a constraint, we undertake contracts for maintenance of Planted and Marine Aquarium in Mumbai. We also supply quality, well quarantined Marine Aquarium fish in Mumbai and to various cities in India.





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A marine aquarium is an aquarium that keeps marine plants and animals in a contained environment. Marine aquaria are further subdivided by hobbyists into fish only (FO), fish only with live rock (FOWLR), and reef aquaria.



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